Who are we?

Acumen, interesting word really isn’t it? Originally the Latin meant to sharpen a needle. The dictionary defines the word acumen as “Quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight”.

To achieve financial freedom requires “acumen”… action, accuracy, sound judgment, experience and insight. This is what we bring to your own personal financial situation and lifestyle goals. Simply because as a company we’ve seen it all and tried most of it over the years.

We’ve also learnt that there are certain fundamentals that you can’t get around if you ever want to achieve financial freedom. But for some reason people are so afraid of sorting out their financial lives that they often never get to “live the life of their dreams”. In fact many of us never get to live at all… we just survive from week to week for our entire lives.

Acumen is committed to providing you with the absolute best financial guidance and wealth creation help available in keeping with the definition of our name.  Some of the reasons for using us are that we:

  • Are credible
  • Are qualified
  • Have years of experience
  • Don’t try to sell you anything
  • Are independent
  • Have walked the talk ourselves
  • Will tell it to you straight
  • Have a holistic approach
  • Offer practical solutions that we have seen work many times

What we don’t offer is magic fairy dust or a crystal ball to solve all your problems overnight. It’s going to take a little bit of time and effort on your part. However the time and effort is minimised by getting the right guidance at the right time so you’re able to take the easiest and most efficient path.


Lisa DudsonLisa Dudson

BBS, ASM, DipBus (Personal Financial Planning), GradDipBus (PR), DipMgmt

Investor, author, entrepreneur and seminar speaker, Lisa Dudson is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading business people and educators in the property and financial sector.  She began investing when she was just 16 years of age, owns a diversified portfolio of investments and has developed and run a number of businesses.    Lisa’s passion and enthusiasm in this sector is well known and she has over 15 years experience working with people to help them identify their financial and investment needs and grow their wealth.

Highly educated Lisa holds many qualifications in the areas of PR, Financial Planning, Marketing, Management and Real Estate.  She is a Registered Financial Advisor and was previously a Certified Financial Planner from 2002-2011.  She won the 2003 Inaugural Young Financial Planner of the Year, was previously Vice President of both the Auckland Property Investors Association and the New Zealand Property Investors Federation, and Secretary of the Auckland Institute of Financial Advisors. Read more…

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