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Isn’t it interesting that a cartoon can make such a difference to a life!

I’ve heard all the words and been extremely well advised (including by my wonderful friend, Lisa Dudson) to make changes in my attitude to money – BUT I was well ‘coached’ by my upbringing which included the attitude of ‘it’s always better to give than to receive’.

  • How many times have I given out with no expectations of receiving anything back?
  • How many times have I heard the description, ‘filthy lucre’?
  • How many times have I felt that I don’t ‘deserve’ to receive money?

What on earth led me to this ripe old age and then to have a sudden realisation that (after everybody’s encouragement) I actually can do this, I actually can make a change, and I’m not only capable of receiving money but…. it’s actually OK for me to do so!

Today Harley Schwadron’s cartoon leapt out at me from the BBC News pages and it cemented an inner change that I realise has been slowly creeping up on me over the past few months.

The strange thing is that the number of times I’d heard the reverse, “You’re going to have to look at your retirement finances because you come from a family with great longevity” had never sunk in!

Why did seeing the reverse make such a change?

All I could hear in the past was, “You’re going to live a long time”, and I was pleased to register that that was the case because there’s still so much I want to do in life.

Retirement doesn’t even enter my head as, having already ‘rewired’ myself with a new passion at forty years old. Somehow the connection with living a long time and being able to pull on finances, should I want to invest in another venture – for example – hadn’t really occurred to me.

THAT’S what it is… In the past, the idea of working out my finances backwards from ‘time of retirement’ has always seemed repellent – it really just doesn’t work for me!

So – let’s forget retirement and focus on what I would like to do as my next business venture and see what happens then!!

Yay – I can do THAT and it’s going to be FUN!!

So what did I do this morning? Immediately contacted my fab friend, Lisa, who, once again, kindly (and extremely patiently) told me what I had to do. I contacted my Kiwi Saver provider and couldn’t believe that this was such a simple exercise. It took me all of 5 minutes – MAX!

I admit to blushing, and hanging my head in shame, that I had not done this before.

Having set up an automatic payment today of $20.15 per week I will be now be receiving $521.43 per year from the government.

This may not seem a lot but, when doing my calculations from the day I signed up (and DIDN’T start depositing into the scheme), I have NOT received $5,210 from the government that I could have earned! Bugger!!

By Judith Paterson – Kinesiologist and Speaker

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