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The Reluctant ‘Wealthinaire’ ©

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Isn’t it interesting that a cartoon can make such a difference to a life!

I’ve heard all the words and been extremely well advised (including by my wonderful friend, Lisa Dudson) to make changes in my attitude to money – BUT I was well ‘coached’ by my upbringing which included the attitude of ‘it’s always better to give than to receive’.

  • How many times have I given out with no expectations of receiving anything back?
  • How many times have I heard the description, ‘filthy lucre’?
  • How many times have I felt that I don’t ‘deserve’ to receive money?

What on earth led me to this ripe old age and then to have a sudden realisation that (after everybody’s encouragement) I actually can do this, I actually can make a change, and I’m not only capable of receiving money but…. it’s actually OK for me to do so!

Today Harley Schwadron’s cartoon leapt out at me from the BBC News pages and it cemented an inner change that I realise has been slowly creeping up on me over the past few months.


The Benefits of Using a Professional Property Finder

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It’s a reasonable assumption to make that people who put a lot of time into learning a particular skill usually become experts at it. In other words…“practice makes perfect”. Property Investment is no different. It’s a business and should be treated as such. Things can turn pear-shaped when it’s regarded as a “hobby”.

We’ve all heard the barbeque disaster stories of people who have had bad experiences with property investing.  More often than not these people have made the mistake of diving in with minimal education and/or advice.

To run a successful property investment business you will need a team of skilled people working with and for you. This is likely to include a lawyer, accountant, mortgage broker, valuer and also possibly a property manager and project manager/builder. Unless you have the experience (or are able to put aside the time to create it!), using a professional property finder might make a lot of economic sense for you. It sure makes a lot of economic sense for me to pay a dentist rather than try to do it myself.

Recognising, sourcing and negotiating property investment opportunities is a specialised skill and those of you who are interested in saving time, money and stress may want to enlist I Find Property to help you build your property investment business. We’d love to work with you.

Maree Tassell is my business partner.  She has been investing in property for many years and started I Find Property over 6 years ago so she has lots of experience finding great deals for investors.

Do you want to start over and fancy being on TV?

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STARTING OVER - Call to Action - IMAGE


• Dissatisfied with your current vocation?
• Ready for your dream job?
• Don’t know where to start?
• But motivated to make it happen?

We are looking for enthusiastic kiwis ready to Start Over!

SKY Television’s Vibe channel and Top Shelf Productions are joining forces to create a unique career make-over series.

You may have a sense of what it is you truly wish to do but for various reasons have been unable to achieve it; perhaps your confidence has taken a hit or you have been out of the workforce raising a family; you may have recently come through an illness or relocated from a city or country, you may simply dream of a different career path.
Whatever your story, Starting Over and our team of specialists will help you get to where you want to be.

You will be provided with invaluable professional direction from our life coach and careers strategist as well as experts appropriate to your unique needs.

You will also receive a physical make-over courtesy of our sensational Starting Over sponsors and our stylist who will help create a fantastic new look to complement your new life.

You will be required to commit to several hours of filming each week, over a 16 week period, and you will need to set your sights on accomplishing goal plans and challenges off camera as well as on. Commitment is essential!

If you want to be on the Starting Over series download an application online at or call
0800 4 NEW START to have an application posted.