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Ultimate Wealth Vault

Looking to improve your financial education and build a sustainable financial future for you and your family? The Ultimate Wealth Vault is a comprehensive course that will help remove the stress often associated with money and give you clarity and confidence while building your wealth.

The course contains Lisa’s years of experience all compressed into an easy to follow system. You can choose to work through lesson by lesson or just pick topics that are immediately applicable to your situation. The result is a financial resource that you can call on for years to come.

The course is divided into 36 simple lessons.  Each lesson is a 10-20 minute recording with slides and is accompanied with notes and exercises to work through.

The lessons are:

  • Live the life you desire
  • Money beliefsMyths, fantasies and excuses
  • What is success?
  • Goals
  • Wealth overview
  • Financial position
  • Your money system
  • The notebook exercise
  • Ranking your spending
  • Ideas for increasing your income
  • Money saving tips
  • The $21 Challenge
  • Beware the great trap
  • Buying a home
  • The A-Z of mortgages
  • How do I actually save?
  • Children and money
  • Protecting yourself financially
  • Protecting your business
  • Managing your affairs
  • Protecting you assets
  • The retirement marathon
  • KiwiSaver
  • Creating Wealth
  • Building your pot of gold
  • Understanding leverage
  • Leveraging your unique ability
  • The Sharemarket
  • Property Investment
  • Business
  • Create your dream board
  • Financial check-ups
  • Building your team
  • Staying on track
  • Celebrating your success

You will also receive 5 Bonus DVDs including:

  1.  Wealth Overview
    Lisa Dudson gives an overview of wealth and how the various components link together.
  2. Wealth
    Lisa Dudson and International speaker Mike Handcock share their thought about wealth and how its made and lost.
  3. Money Beliefs
    Money beliefs coach Keith Mason gives an overview of how our belief system and emotions have a significant effect on how we manage our money and our wealth.
  4. The Psychology of Money
    Keith Mason and Lisa Dudson have an interesting discussion and share many of their thoughts on how our emotions play out in how we deal with money.
  5. Tax & Structuring
    Ross Barnett, Chartered Accountant, shares his vast expertise on what we need to know from an accounting and tax perspective to manage our money and wealth, and what entities we need to be aware of to structure our affairs the most effectively.

Money is ranked the 4th most stressful thing in life behind death, divorce and public speaking. Plus money is the number one cause of relationship breakups. People say money isn’t important but its right up there with oxygen… especially when you run out!

So I believe it’s worth investing just $1,497 to get your financial future sorted.

Also included is one FREE Consultation with me personally and one FREE follow up worth $600. This means you get personal consulting on your most pressing challenges and ensure you get the most out of the Ultimate Wealth Vault. This helps to ensure you get the results you desire right now.

I’m extremely confident that you will pay for this course in less than 3 months by implementing the course ideas and suggestions.  In fact I’ve seen some people do it in less than a month by taking action. And the faster you take action the faster you will see results.

To order simply fill in the form below and I’ll send you further details to complete the process so you’ll have your own Ultimate Wealth Vault mailed to your door shortly.

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