Property Consultation

Over the last decade there’s been a huge growth in the number of people investing in property. Property investing has become a boom industry as people follow their dreams of retiring rich to sit on the beach and drink pina coladas. However most property investors realise very quickly this is not exactly how it works.

The problem with most investing is people get too tied up in the latest and greatest investing tactics. They forget to take a look at their overall investment strategy and how this fits in with their lifestyle goals. While one investment tactic might have created fantastic results for someone else that doesn’t mean it’ll do the same for you.

This is why so many people jump into property investing and then realise they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Where do you go for help?

I have been teaching people about property investment for over 12 years.  I’m the co- author of Create Wealth – the complete guide to property investment in NZ which is NZs bestselling book on property investing. I also used to be the Vice President of both the Auckland Property Investors Association and the NZ Property Investors Federation.

Not to mention I’ve been investing in property for almost 20 years now. So I have my own experience to draw on along with all my clients and industry contacts. And all this experience can help you get your property investment strategy sorted the quick and easy way.

If you want a balanced independent approach to help you set up your investing foundations and ensure you have the best strategy to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals I offer a simple hourly rate service with no hidden costs or fees.

I can help you:

  • Get started and ensure you have the right foundations
  • Understand the numbers and how you make money
  • Determine which is the best strategy to suit your skills and your goals
  • Review your current portfolio
  • Get in touch with the other experts in the industry
  • Be aware of the risks to ensure you limit the chance of mistakes

Property Consultations with Lisa Dudson are charged at $375 plus GST.

We will get you to complete a questionnaire prior to the consultation so we can gather the background information we need to ensure we maximise the value we provide you.

3 hour package $947.00 plus GST

If your situation is either more complex, you want to be an active investor or you want a more hands on approach this package is ideal and is to be used within three month period.

Our services can be provided by telephone, skype, or face to face depending on your location.