Money Consultation

When we get sick most of us head to the doctor so we can remove the pain and feel better. Yet when we get financially sick most of us tend to hide our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. Sure our health is obviously very important but imagine for a moment if you lost your income for a few months… scary thought isn’t it?

Too many of us find we scrape along financially and never seem to have enough money when we need it. And from my experience this happens at all levels of income from $50,000 to $500,000 per year. The problem isn’t usually how much we earn… it’s how much we keep!

You can become a money expert yourself… or just hire one

No matter what our beliefs money plays an important role in our life and society. So it makes sense that we need to pay some attention to this area. However most people don’t get overly excited reading financial book after financial book (apparently that’s just Sarah & I!).

By tapping into our years of financial experience you can fast track the process by getting your money affairs in order once and for all. Imagine finishing the end of the month with money left over. That’s what our Simple Money System will give you.

Plus we know everyone’s situation is different so we tailor our advice to your personal situation. You’ll walk out with the information you need to feel in control and confident around your money once and for all. It’s also the first and most important step to sculpting your financial base for years to come.

As seen on the hit TV3 series Money Man 

Lisa was the money expert behind the Money Man series and as you may have seen all of the contestants leave the show with a clear plan going forward and feeling financially liberated. Now it’s your turn! However we don’t approach your finances as a drill sergeant would… rather we use our combined skills and experience of many years to give you the tools and to inspire you to implement the practical strategies to get ahead.

You will be given simple action steps to help you gain control and confidence around your financial position to help you sculpt your financial base. We will help you develop a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. You will be inspired to make positive changes and start developing habits which will lead you to financial freedom.

Money Consultations with Lisa Dudson  – $375 plus GST.

We will get you to complete a questionnaire prior to the consultation so we can gather the background information we need to ensure we maximise the value we provide you.

Our services can be provided by telephone, skype, or face to face depending on your location.