Business Consultation

As a business owner you have to wear a lot of different hats. One of those critical hats is your finances (usually a popular favourite). But as a business grows there are also a lot of other things to consider like managing staff, cashflow, business strategy and the list is endless.

Now the reality is you probably went into business because you’re passionate about what you do. Often when we first start a business we’re not aware of all the other “stuff” that comes with the package. Unfortunately it’s this “stuff” that can turn a business into a nightmare… not because you’re not great at what you do.

It can also be very lonely running your business. It’s hard to find people to talk about your business issues and get advice from. It’s even harder to find people giving out the right advice.

Introducing your experienced business sounding board

I understand the challenges of running a business because I’ve been running businesses for most of my adult life. I’ve created businesses that have been hugely successful but I’ve also had businesses that failed miserably. These are of course the places where the biggest lessons are learnt!

I provide an experienced business brain and also bring to the table years of experience working with other business owners. I also take a holistic approach because I find the reason a lot of us go into business is to make more money and create a better lifestyle. However many businesses seem to have the complete opposite effect on the owner.

Business Consultations with Lisa Dudson – $375 plus GST.

We will get you to complete a questionnaire prior to the consultation so we can gather the background information we need to ensure we maximise the value we provide you.

 3 hour package – $947.00 plus GST

The three hour package is a concentrated review of your business and working with you on solutions to your challenges this is a valuable package to get some ideas of where to next.  This can either be in one half day session or three individual sessions over a three month period.

Ongoing Consultancy

We work with a number of businesses on an ongoing basis to help them achieve their goals.  Please contact us if this is of interest and we can tailor something specific for your needs.

Our services can be provided by telephone, skype, or face to face depending on your location.