How we can help

For well over 10 years we have been talking to a broad range of people. Our clients range in age from late teens to those well over 70 and come from very diverse backgrounds; Gen Ys, professional people, business owners, full time investors, young families, empty nesters, etc. One thing they all share is a desire to move forward financially and positively to change their current financial position.

Whilst our clients are focused on becoming financially free it’s also about living the lifestyle that they want. If any of the questions below relate to you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can you personally.

  • Do you want to ensure you maximise every dollar from your paycheck?
  • Do you want some help putting together a budget or spending plan?
  • Are you beginning your working career and want to ensure you build solid financial foundations for the future?
  • Are you struggling with a mountain of debt (like so many kiwis) and want a practical plan to get on top of it?
  • Do you want to feel confident about managing your money but you aren’t sure how to get ahead?

Then find out more about our Money Consultation

  • Do you want to know about the different options for setting up an investment strategy?
  • Would you like a review done of your current investment strategy?
  • Have you been thinking about a change of lifestyle and need to ensure that it can work financially?
  • Do you want an independent financial sounding board to a good overall review of where you are financially?
  • Do you want some help putting a plan together for your long term retirement?
  • Maybe you have been fortunate to receive a windfall or inheritance and want to look at the options available to you?
  • Are you in the process of getting divorced or separated and would like to talk through a financial settlement before you incur the expense of lawyers? (either individually or together if you are on good terms)

Then find out more about our Financial Consultation

  • Do you want to start a new business (or have just started one) and need some direction?
  • Do you want some help taking your business to the next level?
  • Do you want to maximise the profits in your business to create personal wealth and lifestyle?
  • Are you looking at taking on a business or investment partner and not sure of what you need to be mindful of and or how to ensure you get it right?  Or maybe you are already in a partnership and it’s not working and need some guidance?
  • Maybe you want someone to provide you with a sounding board and who you can run ideas past and give you some guidance.

Then find out more about our Business Consultation

  • Are you looking at buying your first investment property and need some direction?
  • Would you like a review of your existing property portfolio?
  • Would you like some help determining the best strategy to build your property portfolio?
  • Do you just want to learn about how you can make money out of property?
  • Would you like someone to review any deals you are considering doing?

Then find out more about our Property Consultation

At the end of the day maybe you just need to discuss your financial affairs with someone who is experienced, well qualified and not trying to sell you something. All our consultations are tailored to your individual needs and we will always cover what’s important to you.

So contact us to book an appointment and get your financial future started today.