Do you want to know a secret?

Money doesn’t matter.

I bet I’m the first financial expert in history to tell you that. But think about this for a moment… Do you really care how much money you have? Or how many investments you own?

I would suggest that all you really care about is the lifestyle that your money and investments can give you.

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The Reluctant ‘Wealthinaire’ ©

Isn’t it interesting that a cartoon can make such a difference to a life! I’ve heard all the words and been extremely well advised (including by my wonderful friend, Lisa Dudson) to make changes in my attitude to money – BUT I was well ‘coached’ by my upbringing which included the attitude of ‘it’s always […]


Pay Yourself First

MoneyTV guest, Sarah van der Spuy from Acumen speaks about the Golden Rule in the Personal Finance Industry…Pay Yourself First.